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SMP delivers for this hybrid electric fleet. Challenge : As alternative engines are being developed to help conserve fuel and the environment, vehicle manufacturers are looking to SMP to help develop components for these new systems. With the advent of new low emission hybrid electric delivery trucks, the vehicle manufacturers needed a way to keep the hybrid engine cool and running efficiently.

Solution : SMP met this challenge by developing a key component for this next generation of low emission hybrid delivery trucks. Our hybrid battery cooling blower was engineered and manufactured in our Canadian facility, located in St. Thomas, Ontario. Specifically designed for these high-idle commercial fleets, the Unimotor blower motor helps keep these green vehicles running cool and efficiently.

SMP is currently developing the next generation fan for low emission hybrid electric vehicles. It will be an even more robust design so that the applications can be expanded from a cube van to larger vehicles like bus fleets.

Through innovative engineering, SMP is meeting today's challenges with tomorrow's solutions while maintaining a real commitment to environmental responsibility.
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