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OEM terminal design problem solved. Challenge : A major OE automotive customer had a serious problem with assembly and performance on high volume wire leads. The existing leads were difficult to install on the engine during assembly as the force needed exceeded 75 Newtons causing ergonomic issues leading to production delays. Additionally, they were experiencing a micro-arcing problem with the lead.

Our challenge was to meet their in-house safety requirements by reducing the insertion force required while making certain the lead would stay in position during installation and service removal.

Solution : Our Wire and Cable design team in Mishawaka, Indiana engineered a new terminal that decreased the required force to an average of 45 Newtons. By increasing the tolerance of the insertion angle, while adhering to all established electrical, insertion and retention force requirements, the SMP design allowed for trouble-free installation eliminating the customer's repetitive motion concerns.

Even with this extremely low insertion number, our improved design passed all side load tests and would not rotate inside the spark plug boot, solving the customer's micro-arcing problem. A unique tension retainer designed by SMP ensured that even with this significantly lower insertion force, the lead would stay put under all conditions.
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