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SMP Manufacturing SMP Poland
Location: Bialystok, Poland
Size: 37,000 sq. ft.
Primary Operation: Manufacture sensors, switches and ignition coils
Certifications: IATF 16949, ISO 9001

SMP Poland, a division of Standard Motor Products, Inc., is located in Bialystok, Poland and is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality engine management parts for original equipment and original equipment service channels. Unique facility capabilities allow SMP Poland to serve a wide variety of non-traditional markets such as agricultural, industrial and heavy equipment as well.

The Bialystok facility is IATF 16949, ISO 9001 certified and serves as a basic design and engineering center for ignition coils, relays, temperature switches, dash switches and a variety of advanced automotive sensors.

Multi-spindle winding, vacuum casting, potting and curing are part of the vertically integrated manufacturing process. The plant employs the lean manufacturing method centered on the 5S philosophy and Kanban scheduling and inventory control.

All products at SMP Poland are 100% factory tested in our advanced quality control laboratory. We employ a full spectrum of measurement and life testing in addition to a full range of environmental analysis that includes thermo shock, thermo cycling, salt spray, vibration, and storage tests.

Throughout the Bialystok facility, a conscientious effort is made to recycle fluids, metals and all other reusable materials. Standard Motor Products, Inc. understands the need to minimize our impact on the environment and reduce waste for future generations.

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