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SMP Hong Kong Division
Location: Hong Kong, China
Size: 21,000 sq. ft.
Primary Operation: Sales and light manufacturing

Standard Motor Products, Inc., SMP China division is located in Hong Kong where we maintain a modern facility for the manufacture of automotive electronics such as DIS ignition modules, EGR pressure feedback sensors, and voltage regulators. These products are manufactured for distribution to the original equipment and original equipment service markets as well as traditional channels.

SMP Hong Kong actually serves a dual role. In addition to new electronics manufacturing, SMP Hong Kong serves as the sales and sourcing hub for our Asian markets.

Working in conjunction with our New Electronics Division in Orlando, FL, the strength of the SMP new electronics is not only in our vertically integrated manufacturing but in our processes – expert engineering, design and testing capabilities. Our New Electronics Division can design all aspects of product electronics including mechanical and electronic design, circuit layouts with a specialization in thick film hybrids and printed circuit boards, and imbedded software development.

Every aspect of new electronics manufacturing is controlled, from selection of raw material to testing, inspection through packaging of finished product. Every manufactured unit is 100% factory inspected before leaving the facility for distribution.

Throughout our Hong Kong facility, a strong effort is made to manufacture in an environmentally friendly method. Every attempt is made to recycle all reusable materials so they may be utilized in a new application elsewhere. Standard Motor Products, Inc. understands the need to minimize our impact on the environment and reduce waste for future generations.

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