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SMP Manufacturing Standard Motor Products, Inc. is a leading independent manufacturer of automotive products for distribution to the original equipment and original equipment service markets as well as traditional and non-traditional channels. Our numerous facilities located throughout North America, Europe and Asia total more than two million square feet and employ approximately 3,800 people.

Modern Facilities

Modern plants with state-of-the-art equipment and a commitment to quality and consistency are all part of our manufacturing facilities at SMP. Plants that are environmentally controlled to assure consistency in machining and reduce the harmful effects of humidity are the norm. You'll find SMP facilities equipped with specialized tooling created specifically to achieve the highest repeatable standards of quality. Certifications include IATF 16949, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certification of environmental management.
Commitment to Cleanliness

Visitors to our plants may be surprised at the attention we pay to keeping every part of the manufacturing process clean. In fact keeping it clean and being environmentally responsible sets us apart. Many of our plants use no solvents during the entire manufacturing process - only bio-compatible detergents and water. Our plants that do use solvents during manufacturing adhere strictly to the environmental guideline set forth by the various regulating bodies and are vigilant at recycling and reusing manufacturing materials.

Highest Quality

Whether we are manufacturing a new or a remanufactured compressor, sensor, computerized engine control, condenser, fan clutch, blower motor or any of our thousands of products, our commitment is to the highest quality possible.

Full Line Manufacturer

As a full-line supplier of engine management and temperature control products for both import and domestic vehicles, we have the engineering, research & development and manufacturing capabilities in place to assure that SMP customers receive the finest products on the market.

Environmentally Concerned Manufacturing

We are mindful of our environmental responsibility and endeavor to consider the environmental impact from the outset with a dedication to innovative engineering that drives efficient and green manufacturing processes. We strive to conserve our natural resources and minimize waste through innovative engineering and efficient manufacturing processes. These include a commitment to recycling and environmental responsibility as evidenced by a number of SMP plants certified Environmental Management System ISO 14001.


Manufacturing Capabilities include:
  • Injection, Compression and Transfer Plastic Molding
  • Metal Stamping and Forming
  • Zinc Plating with Clear or Yellow Dichromate and Copper and Brass Bright Dipping
  • Powder Coat Painting
  • Bobbin and Coil Winding
  • Wire EDM
  • Electro-Mechanical Assembly
  • Die Making and Repair
  • Mold Repair
  • Prototyping
  • Thick Film Deposition - Network Fabrication
  • Printed Circuit Board Fabrication
  • Surface Mount - Automatic Pick and Place
  • Through Hole - Auto Insertion
  • Re-flow and Wave Soldering
  • Passive and Active Laser Trimming
  • Computer Controlled Bed-of-Nails and Functional Testing
Electronic Manufacturing Capabilities:
  • PC Board Assembly
    - Through-hole Auto Insertion
    - Double-sided SMD Pick and Place
    - Convection Re-flow and Wave Soldering
    - No-clean and Aqueous Cleaning
  • In-circuit (Bed-of-Nails) Test
  • Automatic Functional Test
  • Thick Film Network Fabrication
  • LASER Trim
  • Automatic Functional Test
Customized Testing

Testing is an integral part of design, development and production of products at Standard Motor Products. Extensive qualification testing is performed to verify the design capabilities of manufactured products, including electrical and environmental reliability testing. Our engineering staff will work with you to design a qualification test plan that best suits your product, including:
  • Life testing (full electrical performance testing)
  • Environmental testing (hot and cold cycling)
  • Full electrical performance tests
  • Electro Static Discharge (ESD) tests
  • Transient waveform tests
  • Powered device temperature cycling tests
  • Automotive in-vehicle tests
  • Dynamometer tests
  • Vehicle Cold Chamber testing
  • Shock and vibration tests
  • Salt spray
  • Drop testing
  • Metrology lab


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