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Our Products Some companies make one part. Some companies say they make hundreds of parts when actually another company is doing a bulk of the work. At SMP, we make a wide variety of parts that cover a vast array of product lines that we manufacture ourselves.

Our product lines include:

Fuel Injectors, Ignition Coils, Ignition Coil-on-Plugs, Hybrid Electronics, Ignition Modules, Solenoids, PCV Valves, Wire & Cable, ABS Wheel Speed Sensors , Air Charge Temp Sensors , Air Pump Check Valves , HEI Ignition Coils , EGR Valves , EGR Position Sensors , Electronic Modules , Pressure Regulators , Idle Air Control Valves , Knock Sensors , MAP Sensors , Vehicle Speed Sensors , Temperature Sensors , Throttle Position Sensors , Camshaft/Crankshaft Sensors , Solid State Relays , Caps and Rotors, Temperature Controls, Additional Sensors, Switches and more.
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