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9" Fan Module

12” High Power Fan Module

16" Fan Module


  • 12 and 24 volt
  • Power up to 450 watts
  • Motors in pancake, 2-pole and 4-pole designs
  • Single or Multiple Speeds
  • Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) suppression to automotive or MIL-STD 461E if required
  • 1000 hour salt spray corrosion protection (MIL-ST0-202) if required
  • Fan diameters from 6½” to 16”
  • Fans available in a variety of material (30% GFPP is standard)
  • 100% balanced
  • 2-pole models available in water proof (submersible) design
  • Cold start protection to -50ºC if required
  • CSA approved motors available if required


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