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Fuel Rail Assembly SMP® is now offering a range of Fuel Rail Assemblies covering several multi-cylinder applications of gasoline engines for automotive, industrial, and marine use.

 Main Characteristics

  • Low-pressure port fuel injection
  • “Plug and Drive” Fuel Rail Assembly 100% tested by SMP® before delivery
  • Can be used with any kind of top feeding injectors
  • Compatible with E85
  • All components meet or exceed industry standards for corrosion resistance
  • Long product life

Low Pressure Fuel Rail Assemblies

  • SMP® can meet existing customer specifications or help develop original ones based on engine performance characteristics. These Fuel Rail Assemblies can be composed of: Fuel Rail, Injectors, Pressure Regulator, Clips and Diagnostic Valve. Rail Assemblies can be offered as returnless.
  • The components and assembly process comply with the highest automotive quality standards (SAE, TS16949).
  • SMP® offers a wide range of injectors to choose from in order to meet customer’s fit, form, and function needs. Customers have a choice of outline, connector type, impedance (low or high), and performance characteristics.
  • The rails are made of stainless steel for use in marine applications. Other configurations are available upon customer’s request.

For a complete product specification sheet click link below.


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