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Side Feed CNG Fuel Injector
Customer Solutions
  • 200 Amps Continuous Current
  • Compliant for both 12V and 24V Systems
  • Battery ‘Hi-Side’ Switching
  • Full Industrial Ambient Operating Temperature Range
  • Hermetic and Rugged Housing with Integral Heatsink
  • Integrated 3-Pin Interface & Control Connector with Load Status Feedback
  • Multi-angle access Copper Power Studs with Safety Separator
  • Fully Protected from Voltage, Current and Temperature Extremes and Faults
  • Low Quiescent Current Preserves Battery Life
  • Applicable for all Industrial and Automotive Applications
  • Long Life Solid State Components – No relay contacts to wear or bounce
  • Continues to Function in Low Battery and ‘Hard-Start’ Conditions
  • Load Monitoring provides improved System Integration and Performance


  • Intelligent Control of Large Loads
  • Battery Disconnect
  • Power Bus Control
  • Monitoring of Large Loads

For a complete product specification sheet click link below.


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