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Standard Motor Products, Inc. is a leading independent manufacturer of automotive products for distribution to the original equipment and original equipment service markets as well as traditional and non-traditional channels. Our numerous facilities are located throughout North America, Europe and Asia. These facilities total more than two million square feet and employ approximately 4,000 people.


Modern plants with state-of-the-art equipment and a commitment to quality and consistency are all part of our manufacturing vision at SMP. Plants that are environmentally controlled to assure consistency in machining and reduce the harmful effects of humidity are the norm. You'll find SMP facilities equipped with specialized tooling created specifically to achieve the highest repeatable standards of quality. Certifications include IATF16949, ISO 9001, ISO14001 certification of environmental management and where applicable ISO International specifications ISO3808/1, ISO3808/2, ISO6856 and European Legislation CEE/72-245.

IATF 16949 certification qualifies the development of a quality management system that provides for continual improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and the reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain. IATF 16949 applies to the design, development, production and when relevant, installation and servicing of automotive-related products.

ISO9001 is the globally implemented standard for providing assurance about the ability to satisfy quality requirements and to enhance customer satisfaction in supplier-customer relationships.

ISO14001 is the certification for registration of environmental management systems. Standard Motor Products understands the need to minimize our impact on the environment and reduce waste for future generations and all facilities have vigilant initiatives to conserve and recycle, while many already are certified ISO14001.

Independence, KS. – SMP Engine Management Manufacturing

Quality (IATF 16949) - download

Mishawaka, IN. – SMP Wire Manufacturing

Quality (IATF 16949) - download

Environmental (ISO 14001) - download

Greenville, S.C. – SMP Fuel Injection Manufacturing

Quality (ISO 9001) - download

Bialystok, Poland – SMP Engine Management Manufacturing

Quality (ISO 9001) - download 

Quality (IATF 16949) - download

Reynosa, Mexico – SMP Engine Management Manufacturing

Quality (IATF 16949) - download

Reynosa, Mexico – SMP Temperature Control Manufacturing

Environmental (ISO 14001) - download

Quality (ISO 9001) - download 

Reynosa Mexico – SMP Wire & Cable Manufacturing

Quality (IATF 16949) - download

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada – SMP Temperature Control Manufacturing

Quality (IATF 16949) - download

Quality (ISO 9001) - download

Environmental (ISO 14001) - download

Highest Quality and Environmentally Concerned Manufacturing

Whether we are manufacturing a new or a remanufactured compressor, sensor, computerized engine control, condenser, fan clutch, blower motor or any of our thousands of products, our commitment is to the highest quality possible. As a full-line supplier of engine management and temperature control products for both import and domestic vehicles, we have the engineering, research & development and manufacturing capabilities in place to assure that SMP customers receive the finest products on the market.

We are mindful of our environmental responsibility and endeavor to consider the environmental impact from the outset with a dedication to innovative engineering that drives efficient and green manufacturing processes. We strive to conserve our natural resources and minimize waste through innovative engineering and efficient manufacturing processes. These include a commitment to recycling and environmental responsibility as evidenced by a number of SMP plants certified Environmental Management System ISO 14001.

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