Alternative Energies Division

Since being founded in 1919, SMP has always understood the meaning of business sustainability. With the increasing need for alternative energy, SMP has helped lead the way toward more efficient and environmentally safer solutions in the Transportation, Industrial, and Power Generation industries. Our Alternative Energies initiative leverages our automotive experience and expertise to develop products suitable for cleaner burning fuels or electric vehicles. To accomplish our goals, we're guided by three key objectives:

  • Become a market leader in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of components used in alternative fuels applications such as Natural GasAutogas and Electricity
  • Partner with our customers, the system suppliers, to advance newer and sustainable alternative fuel technologies.
  • Focus on the Transportation and Power Generation industries as well as its infrastructure.

With these objectives in mind, we're confident that we can deliver solutions to our customers that meet or exceed customer and regulatory requirements while having a positive impact on the environment and fuel independence.


We, at SMP, strive to tailor our efforts to meet and exceed our customer requirements. Our customers can count on our commitment on several levels to make our Partnership a success:

  • Scope Of Work – We frame our Partnership with long term Development & Supply agreements.
  • Resources – We support our Project with Human & Capital Resources.
  • New Technology – We explore and validate new technologies to develop better performing and durable products.
  • Vertical Integration – We use our Manufacturing flexibility to reduce the time to launch.
  • Expertise – We leverage our extensive Products & Processes knowledge.