Coil Product Range

Standard Coils

Coils supplying one or two HV circuits connected with spark plugs using HV wires.

Block Coils

Two or tree coil assemblies joined in one housing, connected with spark plugs using HV wires.

Coil-on-plug (COP)

Coils mounted directly on spark plugs with the main body above engine head.

Pencil Coils

Coils mounted directly on spark plugs with the main body hidden inside top part of the engine.

Rail Coils

Two, tree or four coil assemblies joined in one housing, mounted directly on spark plugs.

Product Applications

Applicable for on and off highway vehicles with gasoline engines.

Industrial applications.

  • LPG/CNG natural gas applications
  • Gas stoves – the air-fuel mixture ignition
  • Heavy equipment - after burning of exhaust gases

Any other applications that require high voltage pulse.


  • Ignition coil uses the phenomena of electromagnetic induction to generate high voltage pulse from low voltage source
  • During the charge state, the magnetic flux is built inside the ignition coils core. Rapid break of the input current causes the flux to be denergized by inducing output voltage in secondary coil.
  • Electric breaker in primary circuit can be a part of external system or can be implemented as an integral part of the ignition coil in form of built-in electronic module
  • Input parameters of the coils must be matched to application to achieve best performance
  • Output spark capability of the coil is described by voltage, spark current and spark energy measured according to related standards
  • Primary coil is winded using heavy wire with relatively small number of turns
  • Secondary coil consists usually of several thousands of turns winded with thin 0.04 - 0.07 mm diameter wire
  • Winding wire is usually a copper wire with enamel isolation
  • Output parameters of the coil depend not only on construction details but also on application
  • Ignition coils have to be able to withstand harsh conditions without high voltage or thermal breakdowns for proper operation