Flexible Hose Assemblies: Aluminum & Steel

Hose Assemblies - A/C

Hose Assemblies - A/C



Operating Temperature

- 40℃ to +120℃

Leakage Pressure 3.6MPa
Burst Pressure

Min 10.4MPa

Pressure Durability

Min 5.5MPa

Hose Material

Barrier hose meeting SAE J2064-C



Fit & Function

100% verification by check fixtures


Hose Assemblies - Engine Cooling

Hose Assemblies - Engine Cooling

Internal Heat Exchange Tube Line (IHX)

Internal Heat Exchange Tube Line (IHX)
  • The IHX is mainly applied on the R1234yf refrigerant system to increase the energy efficiency
  • The conventional design of liquid and suction lines are arranged in separate pipes (top left picture)
  • The IHX consists of a double layer pipe (a tube in a tube)
  • The cool vapor from the evaporator cools down the hot liquid line improving the system efficiency
  • Today, the IHX is widely used on the R1234yf new refrigerant system