Fluid Solenoid Valves


  • The solenoid valve is an electrically controlled valve that can close, open, dose, distribute or mix the media with 2 or more inlets/outlets
  • The solenoid valve can be actuated by pulse width modulation or direct current to be used as a two-position valve


  • Fluid flow could be adjusted in wide range according to customer’s requirements from closed position to hundreds of liters per minute depending on size of the valve and applied pressure
  • Valves could be designed in many configurations and numbers of connection ports
  • Valves could have shape adjusted to customer requirements and special brackets to easily fit to applications
  • Materials used for valve manufacturing are selected to ensure durability based on the type of fluid, temperature range and other environment customer requirements
  • There could be applied variety of electrical connector types according to customer requirements


  • The SMP Solenoid Valves are used anywhere where fluid flow control is required for example in automotive industry for turbochargers control or as vent valves
  • The SMP Solenoid Valves are applicable for passenger cars, bus, truck, and other off-road vehicles
  • The SMP Solenoid Valves are applicable for diesel and petrol applications
  • The SMP Solenoid Valves meets current O.E. specifications